Sounds of the unseen
Cells - building blocks of life and the future of medicine
Golgi Apparatus
Stem Cell Day
  (R)evolution science "a fresh approach to science communication"  – was a PhD level project course that took place in the spring 2013 semester at the  Karolinska Institute .  The goals of the course were to discuss the importance of communicating science and to introduce students to new tools used in science communication in the current digital world. Experts from different disciplines including journalism, TV, radio, blogs, visual arts and design led an  exciting course  and introduced the students to a combination of creative and analytical approaches across fields.  Weekly workshops directed the students to produce his/her own materials with a hands-on approach. The course was organized around weekly meetings, lectures, workshops and culminated in a public outreach event organized in central Stockholm and was led by the  Unhinged Science  team.  Learn more on the course blog: